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Cash In Bank In 7 Days

100% Guaranteed Cash Sale

Best Prices

No fees. No hassle

Cash in bank in 7 days

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sell Your House Fast can offer the best prices on the market for Cash House Buyers.  We can offer up to 85% of the market value of your property.  As part of this Sell your house Fast pay for all the legal costs, surveyor fees.  If you have any offer from other genuine Cash Buyers, we will beat it.

No. There is absolutely no obligation to you.  When you contact us, we will give you an initial offer immediately based on our research of the local area.  If this is accepted by you, we pay for a survey of your property to confirm the offer is accurate.  

We cover all legal fees and the cost of property valuation, so the price we agree is the exact amount you receive.

Sell Your House Fast are Cash House Buyers.  We use our own money so we can guarantee a cash house sale and buy your property in as little as 7 days which eliminates the uncertainty of your property sale and all of the hassle associated with selling a property via an estate agent.

As genuine cash buyers we can buy your property very quickly. We normally buy properties within 14 days, but we can buy it in as little as 7 days.

Yes.  At your request we can act on your behalf to stop repossession by filing for an N244 notice which will delay repossession by 4 weeks.  We can then buy your property for cash, pay off the debts on the property and pay the balance to you.

There are no hidden fees or charges.  We pay all the Fees

Yes! As we are cash buyers and don’t need a mortgage, we buy any house in England or Wales regardless of the condition.

We are not attempting to broker a sale or engage a third party.  We use our own money and are genuine cash buyers.