Top 5 Effective Tips to Sell your House Fast

Top 5 Effective Tips to Sell your House Fast

When it comes to selling your house, first impressions really do count. Taking the time to prepare your house to show it in its best light ready for viewings and for the estate agent’s photographs can mean the difference of selling your house fast or finding it lingering on the market for ages.  Doing some local online research of the housing market can be hugely beneficial when thinking of what your house is worth but can also give you an idea of why a house might be selling quicker than others in the area.  Are the faster selling houses priced more competitively? Or are they in a better decorative state?  Following are 5 top tips for selling your house fast:

Get your house ready – imagine looking at your house for the first time through the eyes of a potential buyer.  Are there too many personal items on display?  Does your house look untidy or have a particular smell about it?  Are the colour of the walls neutral or painted in a colour personal to you?  These are key things to think about and easy to change.

Spruce up and declutter – the key here is to enhance the space available in your house by removing any large pieces of furniture and either throwing away unwanted items or storing them in a cupboard out of sight.  Go through each room methodically and do focus on the bathroom and kitchen leaving as little on the surfaces as possible.

Fix & Clean – make sure your house is spotless and sparkles.  Clean the windows, scrub the floors, remove any unsightly stains or marks on the carpet and walls.  Repair any cracked tiles, holes in the walls or broken door knobs.  Make the most of any outdoor space. Don’t put buyers off with an overgrown jungle.  Tidy the garden – cut back bushes, clean the patio and cut the grass.

A Lick of Paint – paint walls or doors that are looking jaded.  A fresh lick of neutral paint will make your home seem lighter and brighter.  To create a great first impression, paint the front door.

Selling your House Fast – depending on your circumstances and reasons for selling your house you may want to look at alternatives to a traditional estate agent selling your property.  Alternatives such as selling your house through an Auction House or to a Cash House Buyer might be options to consider particularly if you need to sell your house fast and with minimum hassle.