What are the Benefits of Selling to a Cash Home Buyer?

What are the Benefits of Selling to a Cash Home Buyer?

There are many benefits to selling your property to a cash home buyer but the main advantage will always be the short time it takes from accepting an offer and receiving the money into your bank account.  You will get your money in days rather than months, as is the case with traditional high street estate agents.

Cash home buyers are individuals or companies with sufficient funds to pay for your property without needing to take out a loan or mortgage.  Paying cash for your home ensures less risk, faster turn around and more control.

When to use a Cash Home Buyer

There are many scenarios where people find themselves in need of selling their property fast and having an alternative to turn to other than an estate agent or auction house, such as cash home buyers, can be incredibly helpful.

  • Stop Property Repossession – if you are having financial difficulties or being threatened with having your property repossessed. Selling your home to a cash home buyer will stop your home being repossessed and being declared bankrupt which will avoid further problems in the future.
  • Probate – you or your family members might have been left a property that none of you want to live in and are keen to sell and share the proceeds.
  • Divorce – no one anticipates getting divorced but it is always a possibility. If you are unable to buy your partner’s share of the house and things are unamicable between you there is nothing worse than being faced with your property lingering on the market for months on end and having to live together.
  • Moving Overseas – you’ve been offered a dream job overseas and need to sell your property fast so that you can have access to your cash and not deal with selling your property from a different time zone etc.
  • Problem Property – this could be due to a problem tenant or a tenant with an assured shorthold tenancy agreement in place, making the property hard to sell. Or it could be that the property is not in great condition and has issues raised by a surveyor or at valuation which make your property hard to sell on the open market.
  • Property Chain – you had more time available than perhaps some of the people in the above scenarios and chose an estate agent to sell your property however someone has made an offer on your property, which you have accepted. BUT they can’t sell their home as they are locked into a chain of people needing to sell their homes.  What to do you do?  Wait for months possibly even years until their homes sell?

Key Advantages to using a Cash Home Buyer

Cash home buyers are particularly useful in all of the above situations and unlike estate agents they offer homeowners a:

  • Quick Sale – timescale is the biggest difference and biggest benefit when selling your home to a cash house buyer. Unlike selling your property through an estate agent there are no viewings, no delays, no chains and flexibility on move out date.  You will receive an offer within 24 hours of contacting a cash home buyer and if you accept their offer you cash home buyers can complete the purchase in as little as 7 days.
  • Guaranteed Sale – once you accept the cash home buyers offer the sale of your property is guaranteed as opposed to selling through an estate agent where buyers couldn’t get a loan, change their minds or purchase another property.
  • Hassle Free – selling you property to a cash home buyer is not only quick but convenient. You won’t have to spend time or money updating your property to get it ready for market.  Cash home buyers will buy a property regardless of its condition or state of repair.
  • No Hidden Costs – instead of spending money on solicitors and surveys, as you would with a traditional estate agent, cash home buyers not only organize all of this for you but they bear the cost of it too.